Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

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Spring show Crit 17

Scottish Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
Spring Show Critique 2017


Mrs E Glen (Sandbrae)





I was pleased and proud to be asked to judge cavaliers at my home Club where I found the atmosphere happy and relaxed. Congratulations to the Committee who always produce such a well-run Show; special thanks to my Steward Terry Bickerton, who ensured the classes went like clockwork, and to Show Manager Angela Bates who acted as my photographer on the day. I am indebted to you all.

Finally to the exhibitors: a big thank you for bringing out so many well-presented quality cavaliers for my inspection. I was spoiled for choice, especially in the Dog classes. More than one exhibitor travelled from over the border and another overnight by boat! That is dedication! Thank you.


Best Dog: Craigowl Out of Reach JW

Reserve Best Dog: Peakdowns Floyd at Cavallino

Best Puppy Dog: Braemarra Taylor

Veteran Dog 3, 0.

  1. Fraser’s Costara Ruadh at Lyncraeg: well-pigmented smart ruby of 8 yrs with handsome head, dark eye, good neck and shoulders. Presented a lovely outline as he strode confidently round the ring using his well-muscled rear. A happy extrovert in lovely condition.
  2. Baillie’s Selkies Odanodan at Fyrnrose JW. Typey Blenheim of 9 yrs with classic head, lovely dark eye and super pigment. He is well-bodied, with straight front, well turned stifle, and good tailset. Just a tad too much condition today, but a very nice exhibit.
  3. Anderson’s Finchlea Rantin’ Rovin’ Robin. Tri.

Minor Puppy Dog: 1, 0.

  1. Holland’s Bonniemadra Mr Picasso. Stood alone but a worthy winner. 8m B/T with very nice flowing outline, well covered body with the promise of a gleaming straight coat. Tan points still to fully develop. Good neck and shoulders, firm topline, broad pelvis and well-turned stifle, used to advantage on the move. Head needs time but lovely dark eye.

Puppy Dog: 4, 0

Four babies at different stages of development but with something to like about each.

  1. Byers’ Braemarra Taylor. Well-grown 9 m Blenheim with lovely broad skull, well-spaced dark eyes, and such a gentle expression. He is still a bit teenagey in shape, but everything is there and correctly assembled. Straight front, good neck and shoulders, firm topline, broad pelvis, good tailset and a well-broken coat of good colour. A promising young man.
  2. Fraser’s Lewis’s Leonardo: 10 m B/T with smooth shiny coat, correct head and dark eye. Moved out well with straight front, firm topline and well-turned stifle. Needs to develop more ring confidence to show off his attributes.
  3. Bibby’s Murrens Jock.
  4. Drennan’s Calaten Star Trouper.

Junior Dog: 5,1

  1. Slack’s Willowheart Louis. Well-schooled 16 m Blenheim of lovely size and shape. Enough coat with beautifully feathered waggy tail. A shade feminine in head for me, but nice dark eye and good pigment. A tad more substance would complete the picture.
  2. White’s Carleny Diamond Button. At 13 m, this young Blenheim is still growing into his shape but has all the requirements. Good masculine head, with dark eye and pigment, well-broken deeply coloured coat. He will grow in confidence as he matures.
  3. Hargrave’s Carleny Golden Button.
  4. Bibby’s Murrens Jock.

Maiden Dog: 4, 2

1. Baillie’s Peakdowns Morning Magic at Cavallino. Compact 23 m Blenheim of lovely size and shape, with a richly coloured well-marked coat. Good head and neck, firm topline, good front and rear angles. Moved out well and was a candidate for higher honours in the challenge, but on maturity, had to give way to his kennelmate.

2. Hargrave’s Carleny I Dreamed a Dream. Just coming up to 2 yrs, this heavily marked tri has not lost his puppy exhuberance, and made his handler work hard. Up to size, but well made with good angles front and rear. Pleasing head and expression, but more length of muzzle would better balance the head.

Novice Dog: 5, 0

  1. Campbell’s Cavilera Charming Charlie. Just a month from his 4th birthday, this neat little Blenheim is soundly made with enough neck and good topline. Pleasing expression, if a shade short in muzzle, but with with fine dark eye.
  2. Bibby’s Murrens Jock. 10 m ruby puppy in good coat who stood four square showing off his good neck and straight front. Sweet head still developing, with nice dark eye. He moved soundly and never stopped wagging.

3. Levitt’s Suesitna Highland Spirit at Kestrelflite.

4. Drennan’s Calaten Star Trooper.

Graduate Dog: 6, 0

  1. Ballantine’s Middleshot Kings Ransom. Almost 2 yrs handsome headed Blenheim with the coveted lozenge; lovely dark eye , correctly tapering muzzle, good reach of neck, well-angled shoulders flowing down to tight elbows. He flowed round the ring showing off his lovely outline and deeply coloured well-broken coat. Another quality male who was seriously considered in the challenge.
  2. White’s Carleny Sweetest of All. Another handsome Blenheim of similar age and appearance to 1. Many of the same remarks apply. Well made with good coat of deep colour, moving well to show off his good construction. Just preferred the expression of one.
  3. Gaskell’s Jeilohn Pickles.
  4. Blair’s Bellflows Gentle Little Man.

Post Graduate Dog: 5, 0

A strong class where I was spoiled for choice.

  1. Baillie’s Peakdowns Floyd at Cavallino. 2 and a half yrs Blenheim from the top drawer. Such a correct head in profile, with gentle, but masculine expression from his large, well-spaced round dark eyes and densely pigmented nose. Neck, crest, shoulders and topline all to the standard, with well-turned stifle. He moved with great energy to show off his many attributes. RBD from a quality lineup. Well done!
  2. Waddington’s Spindlepoint President, JW. Impressive Blenheim dog approaching full maturity and looking a picture. Most attractive head with large expressive dark eyes and excellent pigment. Enough neck, well laid shoulders and impressive rear movement. Richly coloured heavily marked coat. Unlucky to meet 1.
  3. Gaskell’s Jeilohn Andrew
  4. Ballantine’s Middleshot King of Hearts.

Special Post Graduate B/T or Ruby Dog: 4, 0

  1. Finlay & Kirkwood’s Grajenco Cortado at Marisk. Well-balanced 18m ruby of deep colour, with correct head, and such a gentle expression from his lovely dark eyes and blackest of noses. Well laid shoulders, good rib and firm in topline; he moved out well with level back and tailset.
  2. Gibb-Stuart’s Tangledwood Chase the Ace. Neat, 2 and a half yrs ruby of good type, with plenty of deeply coloured coat. Tight front, well-ribbed and compact, broad in the pelvis with well-turned stifle.

Moved out well, if a shade fast for my appraisal. Preferred the head and expression of 1.

3. Fraser’s Tingewood Tomintoul.

4. Caldwell’s Kathysgirls Jaguar.

Limit Dog: 6, 2

  1. McMurray’s Harana Jack Jones. Nearing his 2nd birthday, this blen has really blossomed over the past months. He has plenty of coat which is well broken and of good rich colour. Pleasing in head, which will mature more, with dark eye and excellent pigment. Nice neck, flowing down to well-angled shoulders, level topline and shapely, correct rear. Another given consideration in the challenge. Time is on his side.
  2. Kerr’s Bonniemadra Trigger Happy at Kinvaar. 3yrs old B/Tan in full gleaming coat which was presented to perfection. Nice tight front, good spring of rib and well turned stifle. Moved well, with lovely outline and tailset. Head not so typical as 1, but lovely dark eye.
  3. Fraser’s Tingewood Tam O’ Shanter
  4. Gow’s Wandris Gentle Effect at Lyncraeg.

Open Dog: 5, 1

Another challenging class of 4 top class males; each presented to perfection.

  1. Inglis’ Craigowl Out of Reach JW. 22m Blenheim who filled my eye on entering the ring, as he has filled the eye of so many judges in his short career.

Nothing I would want to change here, from the tip of his jet black nose to the tip of his well-feathered waggy tail.

Lovely head in profile, with well spaced large round dark eyes, giving such a gentle expression. Crest, neck, well laid shoulders, all textbook, flowing down to well ribbed compact body, with level top, good broad pelvis and correct tailset. He flowed round the ring, attentive to his handler. Best Dog and Best In Show. Well done!

2. Gibb-Stuart’s Chantismere Push My Button.JW. At almost 4 this dog is still in top form. He has great ring presence and oozes quality. Lovely outline and balance, firm in front and topline, well turned stifle, and good tailset, which never stopped wagging. He made a lovely picture on the move. Hair-splitting here, but preferred the expression of 1.

3.Selkies Heavenly Prince at Fyrnrose. 4.Baillie’s Peakdowns Ryan at Cavallino


BEST BITCH: Inglis’ Craigowl Keep in Touch


Special Vintage, Dog or Bitch: 5, 2

Three ever youthful, very special ladies.

  1. Anderson’s Lyncraeg Genevieve at Glenlora: This little lady of 13 yrs and 8 m. knows how to charm a judge. Short-coupled and sound with pretty head, dark eye and well-broken coat, and an amazingly black nose! She moved happily round the ring.
  2. Gow’s Lyncraeg Hosanna: from the same breeder, this 12 year old is another charmer. Such a sweet expression, lovely dark eye, and great pigment. In good coat she wagged her way around the ring. Well done to this kennel for producing these charming vintage ladies.
  3. Campbell’s Ordiga Damask Rose at Cavilera, 11 yrs.

Veteran Bitch: 3, 0

  1. Gaskell’s Jeilohn Myrna: 7 yrs well-coated and beautifully marked compact tri with such an eye-catching outline. Tight front, sound rear, pretty head and eye, with good pigment. More charisma would help her show off her lovely attributes. In the challenge for Best veteran she did not do herself justice. Such a pity.
  2. McMurray’s Cinderlace Primrose at Merryoth: This little 7 yrs blenheim lady has good ring presence, and showed herself off extremely well. Pretty in head with good dark eye, enough neck, and good rear movement, she made a very nice picture moving round. Just preferred the overall outline of 1.
  3. Morrison’s Bowerswell Sweet Lorraine.

Minor Puppy Bitch: 2, 0

  1. Kerr’s Kinvaar Kalista. 8m Blenheim. Promising puppy with feminine head, dark eye, good neck, tight front, lovely topline and tailset. Reminded me so much of her many times Gt Grandmother.
  2. White’s Carleny Northern Light.7m B/Tan with happy disposition, lovely gleaming straight coat and good tan points. Although still immature, she moved out well , showing off her good angles and topline. Another promising baby.

Puppy Bitch: 3, 1

  1. Sidgwick’s Salegreen Peony for Paulian. 11m well-broken blenheim with lovely head, widely spaced dark eyes, super pigment, all adding to her lovely expression. Crest, neck and shoulders exactly to the standard. Spirit level topline and nice wide pelvis. Well-schooled, she moved to perfection. I wish her well in her adult career. Best PuppyBitch and Best Puppy In Show. In the challenge she held up well to take Reserve Best Bitch.
  2. Kerr’s Kinvaar Ells Bells, 11 m well broken and waggy tri bitch of lovely size and shape. Firm in front and rear with good topline and pelvis. Another very nice puppy with lots of promise. Unlucky to meet 1.

Junior Bitch: 4, 2

  1. Salegreen Peony for Paulian: see Puppy Bitch.
  2. Blair’s Bellflows Belle of the Ball. Neatly made 15m Blenheim with the promise of a very good coat. Though small, she had plenty of condition, and moved happily round the ring. Head needs time and pelvis still to fill out, but these should come with maturity.

Maiden Bitch: 2, 1

  1. Campbell’s Cavilera’s Little Mermaid. Stood alone but a worthy winner. This 9m ruby has good bone and substance and a coat of deep colour. Pretty head, dark eye and excellent pigment. Still growing into herself, but time on her side.

Novice Bitch: 5, 2

  1. Groundwater’s Bonniemadra Dream Chaser. Just 18m B/Tan beautifully presented in full gleaming black coat. Compact in shape with good tight front and well-made body and sound rear. Flowed round the ring showing off her lovely topline. Easy winner.
  2. Gow’s Coralvalley Charm at Lyncraeg. 23m Blenheim with well-broken coat. She is developing well, with pretty but very correct head, dark eye giving true gentle expression. Moved well showing good front and rear movement. Promising lady.
  3. Anderson’s Kinvaar Mona Lisa at Glenlora.

Graduate Bitch: 6, 2

  1. Sidgwick’s Salegreen Peony for Paulian. See Jun. B.
  2. Gow’s Grajenco Macchiato. Lovely headed 18m ruby with fine dark eyes and melting expression. Strong front, good neck, crest and shoulders flowing down to well ribbed body with level topline. Nice coat coming. Promising lady.
  3. Gaskell’s Jeilohn Honeyberry.
  4. Blair’s Clopsville Charlotte at Bellflows.

Post Graduate: 1, 0

  1. Groundwater’s Wishful Thinking at Kirkjuvagr. At 5 yrs old, has lost none of her appeal; stood alone but was a worthy winner. Well-presented, in full coat with lovely feathers. Pretty head, correct in profile, with dark pigment. Good neck and crest, well-bodied with level top and good width of pelvis. Moved happily and soundly.

Post Graduate Ruby/B/Tan: 3, 1

Two lovely wholecolours who could change places another day.

  1. Gow’s Grajenco Macchiato at Lyncraeg. See Grad. B.
  2. Groundwater’s Bonniemadra Dream Chaser. See Novice B.

Hair-splitting again here, but just preferred the head and expression of 1.

Limit: 4, 0

  1. Kerr’s Kinvaar Love Story. 2 and a half yrs Blenheim with coat of deep colour. She is very well constructed, with tight front, and deep brisket; pretty head with good dark eye and pigment. Broad rear, well-turned stifle, good topline and tailset. She never stopped wagging.
  2. Finlay and Kirkwood’s Grajenco Ristretto with Marisk. 18 m deeply coloured ruby with slightly larger frame, but again so well-constructed. Head is correct with good dark eye and excellent pigment. Neck, shoulders and topline, all to the standard. Moved out well, wagging all the way. Just preferred the size of 1.
  3. Groundwater’s Wandris Wishful Thinking at Kirkjuvagr
  4. White’s Cavallino Buttons.

Open Bitch: 3, 2

  1. Inglis’ Craigowl Keep in Touch. This 22 m bitch is a very feminine version of her lovely litter brother, my BD. Nothing needs changing here. Her expression is captivating, from the depth of her large soulful eyes, to the tip of her wellset ears making a perfect frame for her face. Crest, neck shoulders topline all knit together to give lovely lines as she moved. Beautifully presented in fine coat, today she was quite simply unbeatable. BB and RBIS .

Elspeth Glen, Judge.

              Special Awards Classes
             Mrs Fiona Beswick (Patras)

SAC Junior (13, 3)

1.     Sidgwick’s Salegreen Peony For Paulian

This soundly constructed 11 month blenheim bitch was well presented. Pretty head with a sweet gentle expression and dark eyes. Excellent conformation, she maintained a lovely outline on the move.

2.     Campbells Cavilera’s Little Mermaid

Nine month ruby bitch, with rich silky coat and large dark eyes. Well constructed, she showed herself off well with her free flowing movement and level top-line.

 SAC Post Graduate (13, 2)

1.     Ballantine’s Middleshot Kings Ransom

A handsome 23 month blenheim dog with a deep chestnut colour. Strong masculine  head, with dark well spaced eyes, long ear leathers and gentle expression. His excellent confirmation showed his sound movement as he drove round the ring keeping his level top-line. His long silky coat was presented in gleaming condition.

2.     Waddington’s Spindlepoint President JW

20 month blenheim dog with at strong head, excellent pigment and correct cushioning. Good bone and spring of rib with good angulation. Moved with confidence and style, keeping a level topline at all times.

SAC Open (11, 2)

1.     McMurray’s Harana Jack Jones

Very glamorous compact blenheim dog. Strong head, well set ears,  melting dark eyes and good reach of neck. Well made body with balanced outline. Moved with drive and spirit round the ring. Beautifully presented and a credit to his owner.

2.     Ballantine’s Middleshot King Of Hearts

Blenheim boy with lovely head, expressive eyes and well feathered ears. Silky coat with rich tan markings. Good bone and well balanced throughout. Moved with style, very attentive and showed well. Another well presented dog from this kennel.