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Champ Show Critiques 2016

Championship Show Critiques 2016

Pauline Sidgwick  - Dog Judge

I would like to thank the Committee for inviting me to judge at what has to be one of my favourite shows, I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent with you all and was delighted with my winning line up as they paraded around the ring at the end of the day. My Co judge Tom Mather and I agreed on all our final awards, which meant that the services of our appointed referee Mrs Jenny McAlpine were not required. The dog owned by Mr & Mrs G Inglis, Craigowl Out of Touch (who I later discovered gained his title on the day) taking the Best in Show award, with the bitch Ch Ricksbury Rumour Has It JW, taking the Res BIS and Best Opp Sex awards. Best Puppy was judged from 2 exhibits owned by Mr & Mrs Fox-Shone the final award going to the beautiful ruby bitch Pamedna Cherie Amour, who I am sure will have a promising future. Best Veteran was awarded to the male owned by Mrs Sue Mangham, Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale JW, who we felt just had the edge over the amazing 13year old tricolour Lyncraeg Genevieve at Glenlora. I would like to thank the exhibitors for their entries and the sporting way they accepted our decisions on the day.


Veteran Dog (3)

  1. Mangham’s Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale JW, Delighted to judge this dog again, an old favourite of mine, I have always thought him unlucky not to have gained his title, he has certainly proved himself as a sire and will be remembered in years to come for this. Correct for size balance and breed type, so soundly made with classic head, broad skull with high set ears, large dark round eyes well cushioned under giving desired masculine yet gentle expression. Best Veteran in Show
  2. Hughes Ch Kaishmar Kavanagh Loranka, a newcomer to the veteran classes, where I am sure he will continue to do well as he matures. Lovely size immaculately presented blen. So sound on the move using his strong rear quarters well. Soft gentle expression to his head, unlucky to meet the winner, but certainly one to be proud of.
  3. Walker’s Korolevsky Iosif ShCM

Minor Puppy Dog (5)

  1. Fox-Shone’s Tamsye Theo avec Pamedna, a close decision between first two, the final decision went to this boy, still very much a baby with those soft woolly legs, such a soft gentle expression to his head, not overdone, with large dark round eyes, moderate stop and tapering muzzle. Well angulated all through with level topline and correct tail set held on the move. Please to award him BPD
  2. Watt’s Jamesbonny Josey Wales, another promising youngster, beautifully balanced body, elegant neck set into well laid back shoulders, short backed with level topline, good spring of rib and well angulated rear quarters. His Blenheim coat is a rich colour, well broken of correct silky texture. Masculine in head, dark round eyes and excellent pigmentation, one who should do well as he matures.
  3. Lee’s Kelrick Flapjack

Puppy Dog (3) A disappointing class with only 3 present on the day I worry where our stud dogs will come from in the future.

  1. Rhodes Calonlan Gino, a worthy winner in any competition, Small in stature yet with good bone, this well broken blen is sturdy well ribbed body with good angulation to rear. Soft gentle expression to head which has broad skull dark round eyes and good pigmentation. Moved out confidently and showed well.
  2. White’s Carleny Diamond Button, very immature blen, needs to gain in confidence to show off his assets more. He did not disappoint on the table, pleasing to go over, just needs to body up. His coat is a lovely silky texture of rich chestnut colouring, with clear white markings and dark round expressive eyes and good pigmentation.
  3. Drennan’s Calaten Star Trooper

Junior Dog (8) After two numerically disappointing puppy classes, Wow did this class please ! Lots of quality youngsters here, I felt any of the placed dogs could have taken the class and am sure will change places many times in the future. My final winner was:-

  1. Ireland’s Charnell Hogan, Just out of puppy, loved this richly marked well broken youngster, classic profile, beautifully balanced, well sprung rib, crested neck set into well laid shoulders, level topline and well angulated rear quarters. Masculine head yet still with gentle expression, large dark round eyes, well cushioned , excellent pigmentation, beautiful ears framing his face. He does not disappoint on the move, striding out showing ample reach and drive keeping his level topline and correct tail carriage. Once fully mature will have no problem in gaining his title I am sure.
  2. Waddington’s Spindlepoint President JW, close up to winner, similar in size body and balance. Excels in head which is broad in skull, almost flat with desired correct high set ears framing the face. His dark round eyes beautifully cushioned with correct tapering muzzle and excellent pigmentation steal the heart. Slightly heavier marked than winner but his coat is the desired rich colouring, of long silky texture and not overdone, yet with just the correct amount of fringing. Moved out well
  3. Drewett’s Brymarden Honeycombe at Judyland

Special Yearling (6)

  1. Inglis Craigowl Out of Touch, for me this youngster ticks all the boxes. Having awarded his father and mother top awards previously I was delighted to finally have the opportunity to judge one of this top winning litter. A real Toy Spaniel, he is the desired size yet still retains the required correct bone. Beautifully coated, richly marked, well broken long and silky which immediately catches the eye. Under this coat, the icing on the cake, is a well made body, with good spring of rib, level topline well angulated rear quarters , correctly set tail. He has the most gorgeous head with mouth watering expression from dark round eyes, well cushioned with gentle tapering muzzle, framed by high set ears. Delighted to place him first in this class, Dog CC and in complete agreement with my co-judge Tom Mather, Best in Show
  2. Knight’s Carolus Don Santino JW ShCM, Well broken blen dog who meets the standard well, soundly constructed he excels in neck set into well laid shoulders, correctly balanced body with strong rear quarters which he really uses well on the move. Masculine head which has correct width to almost flat skull, correct high set ears, dark round eyes well cushioned under. One who I feel is worthy of his title.
  3. Drewett’s Brymarden Honeycombe at Judyland

Maiden Dog (2)

  1. Lee’s Kelrick Flapjack, 3rd in Minor Puppy class, a compact tri with good bone for size silky black coat, clear white with rich tan markings, well ribbed with level topline. Round dark eyes giving gentle expression to head, not overdone with correct shallow stop and tapering muzzle.
  2. Drennan’s Calatan Star Trooper, very raw youngster, at just 6 months, needs to gain in confidence and body up. Gentle expression to head with dark eyes and the promise of glorious full quality ears, good reach of neck enhanced with full white collar set into level topline. I look forward to seeing him as he matures in the future.

Novice Dog (4)

  1. Loynd’s Crimbledale Genesis, unplaced in a strong Junior class, he is so mature this 14month B&T looked out of place there. Well bodied, for age with mature long silky black coat and rich tan markings. Excels on the move really strides out keeping level topline an easy winner here, should do well in higher classes, Not overdone in head he has glorious dark round eyes and correct shallow stop and tapering muzzle, just needs to mature in head to complete the picture.
  2. Linton’s Thekops Hugo a Go Go, sturdy well ribbed blen dog with strong well muscled rear quarters. Broad flat skull, complete with spot, correct high set ears, dark round eyes well cushioned and excellent pigmentation.
  3. Slack’s Willowhart Louis

Graduate Dog (5)

  1. Hobb’s Beaconfylde Catch the Kiss JW, eye catching richly marked blen dog, with clear white markings enhanced by excellent pigmentation. He is steady on the move with plenty of drive from his strong rear quarters. He has a soft gentle expression to head with dark round expressive eyes so well cushioned. One that really impressed me
  2. Gaskell’s Jeilohn Pickles, steady all round tri dog, who looks good in profile with super neck and laid back shoulders, not overdone in any way, gentle expression to head, framed by long well fringed ears, dark eyes and correct shallow stop and tapering muzzle. Well coated with long feathering and rich tan markings, moved well.
  3. Fox-Shones Pamedna Renaissance JW

Post Graduate (7)

  1. Baillie’s Peakdowns Floyd at Cavallino, quality, richly marked blen dog with long silky coat beautifully feathered, looks super in profile with elegant neck set into well laid shoulders, level topline and well angulated rear quarters. Pleasing in head with high set ears, dark round eyes well cushioned, shallow stop and correct muzzle enhanced by good pigmentation.
  2. Nichol’s Chantismere Chamberlin, quality blen, heavier marked than winner but a glorious rich chestnut colour with clear white markings. Correct for size with ample bone, well ribbed with good turn of stifle, an active dog who moves out well once settled.
  3. Fraser’s Tangledwood Chase the Ace

Wholecolour Post Graduate (6)

  1. Finlays Grajenco Cortado at Marisk, at 15 months still not fully mature, this colour takes so long to look the full picture. needs to mature still in head, he has the required dark round eyes, shallow stop and dense pigmentation. Coat of a rich colour, and silky in texture with ample feathering. Soundly made he excelled on the move to take the class
  2. Kynaston’s Granasil Golden Nugget, 22month ruby with excellent pigmentation, dark round eyes and broad skull, he is compact in body with well sprung rib, strong neck set into well laid shoulders, level topline with correctly angulated muscular rear quarters, used well on the move.
  3. Gibb-Stuart’s Tangledwood Chase the Ace

Parti Colour Post Graduate (4)

  1. McMurray’s Harana Jack Jones, a dog I was not familiar with, and really impressed, I considered him for higher honours but felt he just needed more time to mature, which for me is not a bad thing. He is beautifully marked, well broken with a long silky coat. Not overdone in any way, gentle expression to head, broad skull complete with spot, high set ears, dark round eyes shallow stop and good pigmentation, elegant neck set into well laid shoulders with level topline. I am sure his day will come.
  2. Bell’s Christabella Picasso, son of the veteran winner and similar in type, masculine head with broad skull, high set ears, dark round eyes well cushioned enhanced by good pigmentation. Mature in body with ample neck, good spring of rib and strong well angulated rear quarters. Once settled he moves out well.
  3. Slack’s Willowheart Louis

Limit Dog (8) The strongest class of the day for me with many quality dogs present

  1. Knight’s Carolous Don Ricco JW ShCM, I have judged this dog previously & my opinion has not changed, pleasing to see that he is now passing on his many qualities to his progeny. A short coupled dog with good spring of rib, elegant neck well laid shoulders, good angulation to front and rear he moves out well keeping his topline and correct tail set. Not an oversized dog for me he is correct for size with good bone, he has the desired soft gentle expression from his dark round eyes fully pigmented and so well cushioned, masculine yet not overdone in any way, one to be proud of.
  2. Inglis Craigowl Out of Reach, pushed the winner hard, I really like this young male too. Litter brother to CC winner and very similar in size quality and type, perhaps with better reach of neck, but at present his brother takes the lead, sure his day will come given time.
  3. Gibb-Stuart’s Chantismere Push my Button JW, although placed 3rd I felt this dog worthy of comment, a dog I have often admired from the ringside, he has so many qualities. Masculine yet with lovely expression to head, his dark expressive eyes and excellent pigmentation, strong well muscled body, good spring of rib. For me that glorious silky rich chestnut coat with long feathering melts my heart. Would have loved to have given him that final CC, but on the day just did not settle spoiling his expression, sure his day will come.

Wholecolour Open Dog (3)

  1. Maclaine’s Ch Lochbuie Cappuccino, soundly made ruby male at 4years now fully mature, broad masculine head with dark round eyes, well pigmented, elegant neck set into well laid shoulders, with good spring of rib and level topline with correct tail set, held on the move. Moved around the ring with ease, a worthy champion, pleased to see he is proving a useful sire too. Res CC
  2. Hobb’s Beaconsfylde Fade to Black, lovely to see this B&T boy again at 4 years, having judged him as a 6 month youngster. Sturdy in body with well sprung rib, a pleasing size with excellent bone, well angulated rear quarters giving strong action. Masculine head with broad flat skull correct high set ears, large dark eyes well cushioned.
  3. Fraser’s Tingewood Tam O’Shanter

Special Resident of Scotland (7)

  1. Baillie’s Peakdowns Ryan at Cavallino, this dog really impressed, beautifully presented, his well broken long silky coat gleaming, under this was a well made dog of correct size and balance, lovely neck set into well laid shoulders with level topline and strong well angulated rear quarters. Gentle expression to his masculine head.
  2. Gaskell’s Jeilon Pickles
  3. Fraser’s Costara Ruadh at Lyncraeg

Open Dog (8)

  1. Sedgbeer’s Ch. Castlewytch Rave On with Russmic JW, richly marked well broken blen. dog I have admired from ringside and was not disappointed on handling. Sired by veteran winner he has many of his qualities. Masculine head with broad skull correct high set ears, large dark round eyes well cushioned, enhanced by good pigmentation, crested neck set into well laid shoulders good spring of rib, firm level topline and well angulated rear quarters. Moves out well with strong driving action. Immaculately presented, with correct coat and required feathering, a worthy Champion
  2. Hughes Ch. Lorankas Cupid JW, a real toy spaniel, well within the breed standard for size, yet still with the correct bone and substance. Heavily coated beautifully presented, but underneath a sturdy well made dog, elegant neck set into well laid shoulders, firm level topline and strong rear quarters. Gentle expression to head with beautiful dark expressive eyes, correct shallow stop tapering muzzle.
  3. Bloice’s Scotlass Power of Love

Judge: Pauline Sidgwick

Tom Mather  -  Bitch Judge

I thoroughly enjoyed my day with the Cavaliers up in Scotland. My sincere thanks go to the Officers and Committee for the kindness and hospitality that was extended to me during my visit. My excellent Steward did a marvellous job and this enabled us to finish in good time. My co-judge Mrs Pauline Sidgwick and I were in complete agreement on all the final placings so the services of Mrs MacAlpine the Referred were not required. Best in Show was Inglis’ Craigowl Out Of Touch, a young dog of some quality and style. His glamorous litter sister won a class under me and he is very much a masculine version of her. In the challenge for the top award he was perhaps a little more composed and looked a little more finished than the lovely bitch who won Reserve Best in Show, Rix & Berry’s Ch Ricksbury Rumour Has It.

Best Puppy was Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Cherie Amour.

Best Veteran, Mangham’s Maibee Perfect Touch of Charnavale JW, a well balanced, good moving dog with an attractive masculine head and shown in good muscle tone which was reflected in his movement.


1st Anderson’s Lyncraeg Genevieve at Glenlora. A very typical and well balanced 13 year old tricolour. Attractive head and expression, good sized dark eye and well padded lips. She has retained a good topline and tail carriage. Enjoyed her day out.

2nd Gow’s Lochbuie Teazle at Lyncraeg. A mere youngster at the age of 7, pretty and feminine with a well pigmented pleasing head. Very unexaggerated. Moderate chest, good spring of rib, decent topline and well carried tail. Sound and free moving.

3rd G Baillie’s Fyrnrose Mrs Tiggy Winkle JW

Minor Puppy

1st Watts’ Jamesbonny Samantha Sings. Gay and lively with a decent skull; large dark, well spaced eyes and nicely finished muzzle. Well ribbed. Moved out well and her silky flat coat was gleaming.

2nd Rogerson’s Rabymar Copper Glow. A pretty ruby sympathetically handled by a competent young lady. Pleasing head and expression. Good forehand with moderate neck and well laid shoulders. Still very much a baby at the moment but with maturity should do well. Happy and sound on the move.

3rd Godwin’s Pennygown Nuts In May


1st Fox-Shone’s Pamedna Cherie Amour. An attractive ruby, short coupled and well ribbed for age. Dark eye, well carried ears and nice finish to muzzle. Shapely, good tail carriage and holds herself well at all times. Moved out well with some drive from the rear. Best Bitch Puppy and BPIS.

2nd MacLaine’s Pennygown Ticket To Ride. Most attractive head and expression, large dark eye, good muzzle. Decent forehand and body with good spring of rib for age. A fraction longer in loin than the winner. Impressive on the move with some drive from the rear.

3rd Hughes’ Loranka’s It’s a Kind Of Magic

Junior – three nice bitches

1st Claydon’s Brymarden Honeybun. Lots of quality here with a most pleasing head, dark well spaced eye, flat skull and good ear set. Very good pigmentation. Excellent forehand with good neck which she uses to advantage. Good body with decent spring of rib. Excellent topline and tail carriage. Free moving and true both up and down with some drive at the rear. Reserve CC over some very nice bitches.

2nd Richardson’s Kringlehome Tarot Card. Not quite the maturity of body of the winner as yet but she is well balanced and very typical. Well pigmented with a pleasing expression, excellent topline. Another who pleased on the move.

3rd Kirkwood’s Grajenco Ristretoo                            


1st Inglis’ Craigowl Touche. Litter sister to the BIS winner and certainly from the same mould. Compactly built and feminine, lovely gentle expression with dark eye and good pigmentation. Good forehand. Short coupled with good spring of rib, well carried tail. Moved out well.

2nd Lee’s Calonlan Perfect Kiss For Kelrick. A lovely rich colour and scored in depth of pigmentation. Attractive head and expression, short coupled and well ribbed. Moved soundly but not quite the finish as yet of the winner.

3rd Gow’s Coralvalley Charm at Lyncraeg


1st Richardson’s Kringlehome Tarot Card.

2nd Bartlett & Hitcham’s Kotolevsky Lilya. Black and tan with a lovely flat silky coat. Good skull, large dark eye, shapely in outline and she held herself well on the move.


1st Li’s Miletree Miriam Avalcier. Just out of puppy and I confess to be surprised at finding her in Novice. Presents a lovely outline as she is shapely and well balanced. Lovely head and expression with good depth of pigmentation. Decent rib and short loin. Once settled she moved well and had some push from the rear.

2nd McMurray’s Cinderaic Are You For Me. Another good quality bitch, beautifully balanced and quite stylish. Feminine with an attractive head, good spring of rib and good tailset and carriage.

3rd White’s Carleny Started With A Kiss


1st Turnbull’s Peakdowns Mystic. Compactly made and well ribbed with a good head, kind expression and very good pigmentation. Short level back, good tail carriage. Strong well made hindquarters gave her some drive on the move.

2nd Claydon’s Brymarden Honeysuckle. Has an attractive feminine head, good pigment and large dark eye. Sturdy, well ribbed body, good turn of stifle. Free moving and sound but just lost her outline a little on the move.

3rd Gaskell’s Jeilohn Honeyberry

Post Graduate

1st McCabe’s Cavilera’s Daisy Boe. Tricolour with a good head and expression, pleasing forehand with well laid shoulder, decent ribbing and good topline. Well feathered spotless coat. Sound and gay on the move.

Special Post Graduate (Whole Colour)

1st Kirkwood’s Grajenco Ristretoo. This ruby was 3rd in the good Junior Class. I liked her head and expression with large dark expressive eyes. Well ribbed for age. Good topline and tail carriage. Scored with her good hind action here. Lovely flat silky coat.

2nd Rogerson’s Rabymar Love Potion. Very pretty and feminine, good eyes, well set ears. Presents a most pleasing picture in profile both standing and moving. Well feathered.

3rd Swanston’s Downsbank Paloma Of Pamojil

Special Post Graduate (Parti-colour)

1st McCabe’s Cavilera’s Daisy Boe

2nd Scott’s Toscam McKayla. A glamorous tricolour, well balanced and presents a nice outline. Decent forehand, short well ribbed body. Free moving but not quite the hind action of the winner.

3rd Rhodes’ Calonlan Virgo


1st Vella’s Cinderaic Taboo. A real toy spaniel of some quality and style. Compactly built with good spring of rib. Very pretty head and expression, well spaced eyes, lozenge and good finish to muzzle. Excellent topline and tailcarriage. Kept a good outline at all time and on the move she had some drive. A real contender for top honours.

2nd Waddington’s Ricksbury Rosebark Of Spindlepoint. Richly coloured with good pigmentation, large dark eyes, well set ears. Kind gentle expression. Good forehand, well ribbed. Sound and free moving.

3rd Hobbs’ Carolus Felicitation At Beaconfylde JW

Special Open (Whole colour)

1st Li’s Ch Avalcier Rouge JW. A top quality ruby, flat skull, large dark clean eye, long well fringed ears. Beautifully balanced and she too kept her very good outline at all times. Flat silky coat and she is impressive on the move.

2nd Glen’s Trusties Harmony Haida To Sandbrae (Imp NLD). Ruby, compactly made, well ribbed and short coupled. Kind gentle expression with lovely dark eyes. Moved ok.

3rd Loynd’s Crimbledale Valentine’s Gift

Special Open (Resident in Scotland)

1st Gaskell’s Jeilohn Honeyberry. A pretty, well marked tricolour with a good quality silky jacket. Excellent pigmentation, decent rib and body. Moved well both ways.

2nd White’s Cavallino Buttons. Feminine and pretty with a pleasing eye and nicely finished muzzle, well broken marking with good body and topline.

3rd Glen’s Black Xenia V Cavino To Sandbrae (Imp NLD)


1st Rix & Berry’s Ch Ricksbury Rumour Has It. Richly coloured with excellent pigmentation. She has lots of quality and would be an asset to any kennel. Attractive head with expressive eyes and well padded lips. Good forehand with some forechest and well laid shoulders. Sturdy, well ribbed body with short loin and good tailset and carriage. Gay, lively and free moving with plenty of drive from the rear. Presented and shown to best advantage. CC and Reserve BIS.

2nd Claydon’s Ellemich Infusion. Another good moving bitch with some animation and style. Excellent head and expression. Good spring of rib, just a fraction longer than the winner. Well broken silky coat which was spotless and gleaming.

3rd Hughes’ Ch Loranka’s Moments Like This JW

Judge: Tom Mather